September 11, 2011

Brand New Pulsar 220cc

Bajaj India has approach up with a new facelift, fastest bike - Pulsar 220. The new Bajaj Pulsar 220 F is stated to the fastest Indian bike ever manufactured. Bajaj team has productively attained the top speed of 144 k mph and hence completed the bike as the fastest bike in the country. Latest Pulsar 220cc's gear ratio is optimized to achieve the top speed. 

Bajaj Pulsar 220 F is offered in six shades:
Two-tone Red and Black, Metallic orange, Cocktail wine red, Plasma blue, Misty grey silver and Midnight Black.


  1. just awesome...............111111111111111111

  2. and only black one is availabe in market. i have been queueing for this bike and only color they have is black.showroom said only blue/black and read/black will be availabe in nepalease market.i am amazed wheather these all shades are available

  3. @rock
    You are right the new Pulsar is only available at black/red and black/blue shades. The other shades shown in above pictures are not real.

  4. dude midnight black colour is normal black colour only or itz different??????? pls do ans...

  5. hey dude is it available in midnight blue colour???? n watz diffrnt btwn blck n midnight black????


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