May 26, 2010


  1. GOOD job Paranjaya Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @Krishna
    Thank You Krishna Dai. I'll be posting/uploading again modified bikes which I'll be making soon.

  3. bro i want to modify my pulsar 200 help me if you
    could. thanks...


  4. you suck , the art work is one big piece of shit, u are no good trying to humiliate an awesome pulsar :)

  5. @Anonymous
    Dear Anonymous, I am just trying to make out of the crude thing to its best.

  6. bro how can i modify my honda dio in a best way i dont mean stickers i mean fully modified!

  7. @Anonymous
    Where do you want to modify your Honda Dio?
    In Photoshop or in real world?.....

    1.If you want to customize your Honda Dio in Photoshop or any other image editing software then you should learn the-following things:
    a)to change the color of the vehicle.
    b)to add and remove any parts of the vehicle.
    c)and other some skills.....
    I will be making an tutorial for customizing Honda dio within some days. You can take help from there too..

    2.If you want to customize your Honda Dio in Real world,
    a)Replace new tires with futuristic thread patterns.
    b)Change your headlight and rear light by smoking up.
    c)Change the seat or add new seat cover.
    d)Change shock absorber.
    e)Tune up your engine by adding performance parts and the list goes on.......


  8. hi admin,

    these are mere photoshop skills, i think when someone seeks some advice you should give it in a proper way, you suggested what even a 10 year old can, you should have let him know about brands that manufacture parts, like what parts can be compatible, where one can find them then get them installed and other such suggestions.

  9. Dear sir,
    thank you for your suggestions. That's a pretty old (2010's) article where I was just enthusiastic about bikes modification; now things have changed. I'm learning about engineering and modification, I am just a kid, by the way. Thank you once again, and if possible guide me onto this.


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