March 28, 2009

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid is the perfect vehicle from Detroit to put before spineless, deceptive, and dishonest politicians as well as the pile-on-mentality-but-otherwise-vacuous anchors. If these zoophytes possessed the ability to honestly report the facts, this is what they'd tell you after they drive a mid-size sedan that will go on sale early next year:
2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid is one helluva good car. The hybrid shares the new styling of the non-hybrid 2010 Fusion that includes new sheet metal, a new nose, and a new rear fascia. The design is contemporary and crisp. Only the Hybrid badges give you obvious visual confirmation that you're looking at the most efficient mid-size sedan on the road.
While official EPA estimates aren't due out for another month or so, expect to see figures of 39 city, 37 highway. These figures best the Toyota Camry Hybrid. During several extensive test drives in California, pilots from averaged over 42 mpg, so Ford's estimates may prove conservative.
Perhaps the best complement one could bestow upon any 
hybrid is that it performs as well as a vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine. The 2010 Fusion Hybrid does. Acceleration is smooth and strong, much like a small V-6. Transitions between running all-electric (up to 47mph) and gas and electric or just gas are neigh on imperceptible.
Inside, the 2010 Fusion 
Hybrid shares all of the upgrades that have been applied across the line, plus one. All 2010 Fusion models are significantly more refined than the outgoing model thanks to more (and more efficiently applied) insulation, thicker glass, and additional seals on the doors.  Additionally, the entire instrument panel is new and made from a seamless soft-to-the-touch material that fits with tight tolerances for a high-quality appearance. The center area of the instrument panel (called the center stack) was also reconfigured to accommodate an eight-inch (that's big) LCD monitor that is included in vehicles ordered with the voice-activated navigation system.
The results of these interior changes have yielded a comfortable driving environment with a good seating position, improved visibility, and much less noise.
Now about the Hybrid-only interior upgrade … it's the the Eco-Guide instrument cluster. This highly-legible LCD-based reconfigurable gauge package is not a marketing gimmick. Instead, it is a useful information delivery system that helps pilots drive more efficiently.
In terms of equipment, the 2010 Fusion 
Hybrid is well equipped (equivalent to a non-hybrid Fusion SEL). Standard features include a tilt/telescopic steering wheel, dual-zone climate control, six-CD audio system enhanced with SYNC voice activated communications and entertainment controls, power front seats, SecurityCode keyless pad, and 17-inch aluminum wheels.


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