March 28, 2009

My life in the hell,STORY


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Peter (who looked like a turtle) and she had a handsome prince named Henry. On many occasions, Henry had to save Peter (a damsel in distress) from the mighty dragon named Natasha that wanted to steal the princess away and take her to her lair. 

But one time, Prince Henry was busy getting laser eye surgery and didn't hear Princess Peter's calls for help. He was too late and Peter died a horrible and painful death (thanks to Natasha). Prince Henry later died of an eye infection resulting from the surgery. They had a joint funeral on what would have been their wedding day, so nobody came because they thought it was their wedding and nobody liked weddings. 
* * * * * * * * * *
The only person who came to their funeral was a little girl named Costello who was secretly in love with Prince Henry (even though he was ugly). Costello came to the funeral and cried enough for everyone else put together at the loss of her dearly beloved. Suddenly, a purple puff of smoke burst right before his eyes and a beautiful fairy appeared. "Who are you?" asked Costello. 

"I am Kimmiko," the fairy replied. "I am your new fairy godmother." 

"Great, gangsta!" said Costello (who thought she was a gangster but actually wasn't). "So do I get three wishes or what?" 

"No, that's genies," replied the much smarter and clearly superior Kimmiko. "You only get one wish." 

"Okay, I wish for three more wishes then," said Costello, who was trying to act smart. 

"You can't," said Kimmiko, "You only get one wish. I told you. Fairy godmothers don't give out freebies." 

"Okay, fine! I wish that my dearest love, Prince Henry, was alive and well again." "Your wish is my command," said Kimmiko. She waved her magic fairy wand and another purple puff of smoke exploded with a bang. When it faded, Costello found herself looking at Prince Henry, who looked right through her. 
But the fact that he looked in her general direction was enough--Kimmiko had turned Costello invisible, and from that day on Costello would forever haunt the now-immortal Prince Henry, who would eventually go crazy from being endlessly followed by an invisible being. 
Kimmiko saw all this in the future, and upon this, hastily made her way to the realm of Maya the Great. "I have news, O Great One!" she cried through the Great Gates, and upon hearing this, they opened and created a passage for her. Kimmiko hurried inside, taking some time to admire the beautiful clothing boutiques that lined the path to the door. But as she made her way to the door to Maya the Great's castle, her path was blocked by a mysterious figure. 

"Who are you?" she asked, taken aback. 

"I am the Princess Peter," replied the person. "I have come back to life." 

"How?" asked Kimmiko. 

"I don't really know," said Peter. 

"Oh-kay...die!" said Kimmiko, and pointed her wand at Peter. 

"Hah! Nothing happened," he taunted. 
"That's just what you think," replied Kimmiko. "Eat acid bird poo!" "Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?" Princess Peter was confused. Then she was hit by bird poo. "Aaaaah...this is painful!" she sreamed, as more and more acid bird poo rained down on her, and she died another horrible slow, painful death. 


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