July 18, 2009

The ultimate geek accessory? Orange announces touch-screen watch phone

Come on, be honest - wouldn’t you love to make some of those childish dreams of secret agent covert ops finally come true? Because Orange has just announced that, from next month, they’re making available the ultimate gadget: the world’s first touch-screen watch phone. The LG GD910 is 3G and video-calling capable, with in-built speaker, Bluetooth headset and full touch-screen interface.

To be perfectly frank, on the basis of the video news release from Orange, the phone does seem a little bit oversize and bulky, like those early digital game watches. But there’s no denying that being able to chat to a friend via a wrist communicator will draw attention. And the phone does a have a certain cool style about it.

Sadly, the watch phone will only be available for a limited time and, at this stage, only in England. Orange have not yet released any pricing details, except to say that it will be “at an exclusive price point” on pay-as-you-go. You can probably take that to mean “pricey”.

However, even if you miss out one of these Dick Tracey devices, the exciting news is that Orange has decided to separate itself from the rest of the mobile pack by focusing on the newest and most innovative devices available. It promises to unveil at least three new market-leading gadgets before the end of the year. So, who knows what might be next? A "Get Smart" tooth phone?


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