April 15, 2011

Type screen for iPad

One of the criticisms of iPads is that they're not easy to type on the screen. All right, the practical keyboard is here, although it's a little on the small side, and lacks any sort of tactile feedback to let users be familiar with their finger tapings have registered. Despite the fact that there are Bluetooth keyboards that iPadders can pay for, there's now a little else that offers what must definitely be the ultimate in tactile feedback – the manual typewriter-inspired Type screen.
Users just slide their iPad or iPad 2 into the Type screen's carriage, and then begin hitting away on its old school keys. As with a manual typewriter, an individual arm will fly up with every keystroke. While those arms would strike an ink-containing ribbon on a typewriter, on the Type screen they actually press the individual keys on the iPad's virtual keyboard – it would be interesting to know if the arms always connect with the right keys.
It's absolutely suggestive of a little amazing that was featured last June, called the USB Typewriter. The device can be ordered or made at home from plans, and is essentially a Frankensteined-up existing manual typewriter that is wired into the USB port of an iPad, smartphone or device of your choice. From there, it simply acts as a clickity-clackity retro keyboard.
The Typescreen is made by Britain's Spinning Hat, and the company is only making a limited number of the devices. It's priced at GBP 35, or about US$57.
Via InventorSpot


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