August 8, 2011

Volkswagen Beetle Evaluation: New Vs Old

Volkswagen commenced the New Beetle in 1998. The excitement about this original release has long been dusted, however the pleasure that Beetle owner experience towards the car never diminished. The unique Volkswagen Beetle was a RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) and it had an rear air-cooled engine.
This vehicle was prepared for heaps, not the enthusiast, and the given name Volkswagen exactly converts from German in to “people’s car”. Since the origin of VW Beetle , things have changed nevertheless. Beetle has developed into a cult; the rank of respect and admiration it draw is remarkable to what it was decades ago. Technology has also advanced in leap. A New Beetle was designed to contain these new developments – to assure today’s challenging drivers while giving them the delight of driving a new dynamic VW Beetle. But this car wasn’t one for the heaps. It was one for the aware drivers who appreciated the Beetle, but required comfort and all the transformed cons.

Intended for this innovative reproduction, the simple technology of the old engine was changed for a contemporary one. The strong formation of the Old Beetle presented the driver the feasibility to buy VW parts and have a go at repair the car by himself. Old second hand VW Beetles still conserves their plead, and the attractiveness of these cars be positioned moderately in the detail that they make possible this DIY connection with the car. They guarantee a garage equipped with Volkswagen parts – a suitable Volkswagen platform !

  At the USA during 1977, the construction of the original Beetle was forbidden because of its weak security and emission standards. The New Beetle is built-in with new safety trimmings and emission controls, such as airbags and a catalytic converter, and the comfort and ride of the car have been extraordinarily improved. Even with its inferior accessories, the old, used Volkswagen Beetle is still a buzz. The touching connection that Beetle drivers have to their cars is entirely unique, and both the old and latest adaptation contributes for keeping the Beetle's story alive in the current moment.

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  1. nice one Paranjay. Still love my Old VW Beetle..Keep it up...



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