November 26, 2011

TATA indica ev2 Sport Customization

 I came up with another sport customization of TATA indica ev2.I am quiet satisfied with this chop as i have my hard effort to make this.Hope you will like this....
Things done:
  1. Hood scoop
  2. Lowered car
  3. Spoiler
  4. Side vents
  5. Hood Vent
  6. Side mirror
  7. Side skirt
  8. Hood
  9. Front Grill
  10. Smoked headlights
  11. Rims
  12. Brake caliper
  13. Door Handle
  14. Shaved rear Door
 And other few customization......



  1. Thanks for the pics and information. Hood scoop and spoilers for the modified is really amazing.

  2. fantastic dude :) Indica the indian pride!

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  4. Very chic looking car. I have a India V2(DLS) 2003 model car and would be very interested in getting this change made to my car. Please do let me know where you are based and as Suraj has enquired, what would be the total expenditure for this customization. Also, have you done any customization to the interior of this car. If yes, I would really appreciate if you could share the pictures of the same.

  5. Indica v2 ls alterations ... how much price


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