March 23, 2014

EROC Concept SUV-built on LR Defender

Here is a concept vehicle EROC. It is built on the platform of Land Rover Defender 110. I came to know original LandRover Defenders are going to be discontinued from 2015. They are going to redesign a new Defender. North America don't allow import of LR Defender due to their high fuel consumption and size.
I like Defender so much due their rugged capabilities and many over-landers use this vehicle as expedition vehicle. So I made EROC on Defender's chassis platform.
I made 3 of the versions: Fullsize SUV, Single Cab Long-bed Pickup, Double Cab Short-bed .
The ground clearance is very big. The approach angle and departing angle are also big. So below are all the all 3 versions.
EROC Fulltime 4x4

EROC SingleCab 4x4

EROC DoubleCab 4x4 with Bed Cover

EROC DoubleCab 4x4

BluePrint from which I made EROC

Defender 110 as Expedition Vehicle


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