March 28, 2009

Honda CBF Stunner

The sales of 125cc+ motorcycles grown by almost 15% over the period of April 2007-January 2008. Lot of action has been seen in recent past in the 125cc segment as the consumer focus is gradually shifting towards 125cc+ segment from the dominating 100cc segment.
The segment has recently seen new additions like Bajaj XCD, Gladiator SS and RS, TVS Flame and soon to follow is Bajaj XCD Sprint. Manufacturers are increasingly turning to the (so called premium)125cc segment for profit.
With a strategic move by Honda (HMSI) to augment the 12% market share it holds in this segment, the company is like to introduce an all new motorcycle in125cc segment in addition of its existing 125cc Shine.
The CBF stunner is the Honda’s attempt to attract young customers who love performance and style. In a similar bid, Bajaj had earlier announced it would launch sporty version of XCD 125cc.
 Honda showcased the CBF stunner concept at the Auto Expo and since then the enthusiasm of bike lovers have raised anticapting its launch. With the CBF stunner, Honda wishes to lure the young customers who look for exclusivity and unconventional styling.
Honda CBF models are a series of sport oriented motorcycles with traditional styling. The series includes CBF250, CBF500,CBF600N, CBF600S and CBF1000. Honda’s CBF stunner is powered by a 125cc air cooled engine which develops maximum power of 11bhp at 8000rpm with maximum torque of 11Nm at 6500rpm.

Main Styling Elements of Honda CBF Stunner:
1) Elegant visor
2) Large tank shrouds
3) Aircraft type fuel lid
4) Forged rear cowls
The instrument cluster is offsetted from the handlebars and nicely placed in a separated compartment. The new scoops on both the side of the tank extends all the way to end just before the turn indicators and it comes with a stepped seat.
For the first time in 125cc segment a bike comes with tubeless tyres at the front and the rear. It comes with 80/100 tubeless tyre at the front and 90/100 wider tubeless tyre at the rear. The 17″ alloy at the front and rear adds sporty character to the bike.
CBF Stunner comes with first of its kind feature in the 125cc segment - integrated front cowl,sporty split seats, wider tubeless tyre at the front and the rear for all variants and a sporty foot step holder. The two panel rear sharp cowl is not that much sharp and noticeable to a extent. The rider's position is sporty and you can judge from the foot step holders. Headlight looks something as we have seen already, well not much refreshing yet good looking.
Honda has also raised the suspension and rearranged the foor pegs to make the CBF stunner sporty. The exhaust mouth of the new CBF stunner also gets a new styling. Complementing the new clothing is the contemporary all black theme of the CBF stunner.
CBF Stunner is available in three models:
1) Disc brake - Electric start model
2) Electric start model
3) Kick start model

It is available in four colours sports red, pearl sports yellow,space silver metallic and black while kick drum will be available in two colours - sports red and black. Honda has priced its new bike between Rs. 47000 to Rs. 51600.00 (Ex-showroom New Delhi).

Honda CBF Stunner ColorsHonda CBF Stunner ColorsHonda CBF Stunner Colors

Honda CBF Stunner ColorsHonda CBF Stunner ColorsHonda CBF Stunner Colors

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  1. meter is damaged within a month. Not only of mine,others stunner CBF owner are also facing this problem.And I am NOt satisfied with this bike.


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