February 14, 2010

X2 announces cheekily named iTablet

In what would have to be one of the craftiest marketing ploys seen in recent times, UK company X2 Computing has announced the release of the iTablet. Taking a name that the Apple iPad was heavily rumored to be called before it was announced, X2 has timed its latest release perfectly to capitalize on the current hype surrounding tablet PC’s.
The iTablet features 10.2” or 12.1” touchscreens with optional multitouch, a large on screen keyboard and images up to 1024x768 resolution in both portrait and landscape display. The unit weighs around 1.18kg and measures 252x192mm with thickness from 28mm to 35mm. As well as a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor and 250GB of storage, the iTablet is HDD based and runs on Windows 7, Windows XP Tablet Edition or Linux.
Included are three USB ports, optional HDMI output, as well as Bluetooth, optional 3G and GSM along with built in 802.11b/g networking. Unlike the iPad, the iTablet offers Flash support, and also features a 1.3MP webcam.
Due for release in April according to the press release, the X2 iTablet will be available in a range of metallic colors including pink, blue, red and yellow. Pricing details have not been released, and while it remains to be seen whether the unit can give Apple a run for its money, common sense says it will take more than a similar moniker to challenge the already popular iPad come release time.


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