March 27, 2010

i-mate JasJam

Paranjaya i mate
The JASJAM runs off a 400MHz Samsung processor, with 128MB of onboard ROM and 64MB of RAM; this can be supplemented with microSD cards which slot in the bottom left hand corner of the phone. It's a Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone, so it's natively got access to Word, Excel, Internet Explorer and the ability to act in a Blackberry-like fashion from an Exchange server. It was commented on in the Dopod review, and we'll restate it here; while the ability to plug a 2-megapixel camera into the JASJAM is all well and good, it's probably not a feature that's going to endear it to your IT purchasing department if you're looking at it from an enterprise buying position.
The JASJAM's 2.8-inch 320x320 pixel display has good clarity and in a similar fashion to the K-JAM, flips into landscape mode when the keyboard is slid out. The stylus sits next to the bottom-mounted USB port, and is an extending model that's just small enough to roll away and hide under a notebook, as we discovered during testing. Thankfully we found our stylus, eventually -- navigating touch screen menus with your digits is a pain, even with the help of the JASJAM's side-mounted scroll wheel.
On the connectivity front, the JASJAM offers Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/a), Bluetooth, quad-band GSM, 3G (UMTS), EDGE and HSDPA. It's that last factor that's important to the JASJAM's offering locally, as it's a Telstra exclusive within Australia on the HSDPA-enabled Next G network. Infrared is also offered as a connectivity option -- does anyone really care any more about infrared? Comment please !


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