March 27, 2010

Sony Ericsson K750

The K750i is a candy bar style phone that weighs 99 grams (3.5 ounces), with its buttons that can be used with any finger. It has the 'dual-front' design common to most Sony Ericsson mobile phones since the T610, with the back of the mobile phone designed like a digital camera and intended to be held sideways to take photographs. The K750i is available in four colours, Blue, Oxidized Black, metallic red and Blasted Silver  with a red version later released. The central joystick button is used for selecting options and navigating menus, with the "C" button as an 'undo' or 'delete' button, and the arrow-labelled button as a 'return' or 'back' button.  The two buttons labelled by white horizontal lines, known as 'hotkeys' or 'soft keys' perform the function of making binary decisions, labelled on the phone's display. The button in between of these 'soft keys' acts as a shortcut key, which brings up a user-customizable shortcut menu when pressed. The on/off button is located on the top of the phone next to the IrDA port.
There is one side key on the le ft of the phone; when pressed in standby mode, it opens either the RDS FM radio or the Media Player as selected by the user, allowing playback of WAV/MP3/AAC audio files, and 3GP/MPEG-4 video files.  The phone also features Sony's Mega Bass technology. A press of this button in media player mode plays or pauses the selected media. The left-hand side of the phone also houses the Memory Stick PRO Duo slot for external solid state memory, which is protected by a flexible rubber cover.
On the right-hand side of the phone there are three keys - two for controlling volume, skipping through tracks in the Media Player and zooming in and out when in camera mode. If the button is pressed when the headset isn't attached the phone displays a phone status screen showing profile, memory usage, battery level, and, on some mobile networks, phone number. The included hands free headset is also required to listen to the radio since it functions as the antenna.


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