May 26, 2010

Are you having trouble with Mouse? (Not the real ones)

If you are having problems with your mouse or something went wrong with it. Then the cause for this condition is either your mouse is damaged or your mouse setting may be unknowingly edited. If your mouse is damaged then there is no other way to make it until you repair it or get a new one. But if your mouse setting has problem then you can easily fix in fraction of time. Well! The first thing you have to do is to open Control Panel. It is located in Start Menu.

2. Click Mouse icon

3. Then you can edit the whole thing by yourself with the help of these images below

After you click a window will appear like this. Here you can change the speed of mouse, switch primary & secondary buttons.

In this tab you can change the look of your mouse pointer. You can download other Scheme from internet too.

In this tab you can change motion speed of mouse pointer and so on.

This tab helps you to set your scrolling setting.


Here you can know the information of your connected mouse.


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